Renogy 400W Lightweight Portable Solar Suitcase


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400W Lightweight Portable Solar Suitcase

The most lightweight and durable high-wattage solar suitcase with robust kickstands.

1-min Setup and Instant Charge

Portable Power Anywhere

Please ensure that the DC input voltage for the portable power station exceeds 48V.

Robust Structure for Consistent Panel Output

Sturdy, rust-resistant kickstands with adjustable angles allow maximum power generation. 

The Dynamic Power Boost for Existing Solar Systems

Connecting the solar suitcase to your existing solar system delivers increased power generation, enabling faster charging with effortless, rapid installation.

Ultimate Reliability with Impeccable Efficiency

Maximizing module potential with 22.7% cell efficiency while harnessing compact solar cell layouts for enhanced module efficiency.


Model: Renogy 400W Lightweight Portable Solar Suitcase
Max Power at STC: 400W
Open Circuit Voltage: 47.2V
Short Circuit Current: 11A
Optimum Operating Voltage: 40V
Optimum Operating Current: 10A
Maximum System Voltage: 600VDC
Maximum Series Fuse Rating: 15A
Operating Temperature: -40°F~185°F 
Dimensions: 111.8x33.7 x0.8 in
Folded Dimensions: 27.9*33.7*3.2in
Weight: 30.2 lbs


1. What do I need to complete my off-grid solar power system?

A solar panel has to be connected to a charge controller to regulate current, and a battery to store the electrical power. You will need adapter kit cables to wire the solar panel(s) and charge controller, and tray cables connecting the charge controller to a deep cycle battery.

2. What does off-grid and on-grid mean?

On-grid simply means the solar power equipment is connected to the electrical grid, while off-grid refers to systems that are not connected to the grid and therefore store generated power for later use. Off-grid systems are not affected by grid blackouts.

3. Why is my solar panel under producing?

Solar panel performance may be hindered for a number of reasons. Most common environmental conditions such as indirect sunlight, temperature rise, cloudy sky, and dirt and stain build up on the top glass will cause a reduced power output.

4. How should I connect solar panels in my electrical circuit (series vs. parallel)?

Solar panels can be connected in series or in parallel to meet your electrical circuit size and power demand. Connecting solar panels in series will have the effect of adding up to their operating voltage output, while system current output will be the same as that for one panel. While connecting solar panels in parallel will have a different effect; individual panels operating current output will add up to be the system output current, while system output voltage will be the same as the output voltage of one solar panel. To meet the optimum power output and system rating for your power system, you can use both parallel and series connections.

5. How many solar panels do I need?

The best way to gauge how many solar panels you need is to understand and define the power load needed from this system. Power is measured in Watts, and capacity is commonly measured in Watt-hours (multiplying power output in watts by the required number of hours of operation multiplied by a safety factor of 1.5-2). Therefore, it is wise to size your battery bank first based on the minimum required capacity, and accordingly decide how many panels or how much power input is needed.

6. What does the 12V/24V in the product title of the solar panel mean? Why is it different from the value on the label/specification sheet of the solar panel?

The 12V/24V in product titles (ex. 150W 12V CIGS Solar Panel) does not refer to the actual voltage (Voc or Vmp) of the solar panels, but rather to the voltage of the solar system or energy storage system to which the panel is best suited. The voltage of the solar panel must be higher than the solar system voltage.


12 months


Renogy 400W Lightweight Portable Solar Suitcase User Manual


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    Customer Reviews

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    I invested in the Renogy 400W solar suitcase to power my outdoor adventures, from charging my electronics on camping trips to keeping my RV batteries topped up, this panel does it all. It's a bit hefty, but hey, for a 400W portable solar panel, it's already pretty lightweight. Even on overcast days, it manages to squeeze out some extra juice, which is impressive!