BougeRV 400W 12V 10BB Mono Solar Panel (New Arrival)


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BougeRV 400W 10BB solar panel is an exceptional choice for those looking for a high-performance solar panel. The 10BB cell design utilizes ten busbars to collect and transmit the electrical current generated by the solar cells, resulting in a significant boost in overall performance. This is an efficient 400 watt solar panel that is user-friendly, easy to install and provides maximum output. The monocrystalline panels, 10BB cell design, and all-black design make 400W 10BB solar panel an exceptional choice for you.

10BB Cell Design

BougeRV 400W solar panel uses the high-level 10BB cell design which has a 23% highest conversion rate. Makes the solar panel have a longer service life. Increasing the cell receiving surface, thinner ribbon reduces the covered area by 22%. Also, it can charge a 12V/24 battery or charge a 48V battery by wiring several solar panels in series.

All Black Design

BougeRV 400 watts solar panel features a black corrosion-resistant aluminum frame. All-black style solar panel is more suitable for your black roof, and it is integrated without being obtrusive.

Made of Class A Solar Cell

No visible defects and any micro-cracks, BougeRV 400 watts solar panel passes the strict EL test. While other class B and C cells will have obvious cracks. The grade of the cell determines the actual output of the solar panel.

Compact and more power!

Compared to two 200 watts solar panels, BougeRV 400 watts solar panels could save 10% space and reduce the loss of connection. Allows you to install more solar panels on the roof of the RV to expand a larger system to meet your daily needs.

User Friendly & Easy Installation

IP67 Rated Waterproof Junction Box can isolate environmental particles and low-pressure water jets. Diodes are pre-installed in the junction box, with a pair of pre-attached 3ft Solar Cables. Pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel allow you to quickly install solar panels without using heavy tools.

Durable & Reliable Package

Our new package offers ultimate protection with an extra protective strip on all sides, L-brackets on all corners, and an extra thick foam pad on the back. Trust that your shipment will arrive safely with our new package.


Maximum Power (W): 400±5% W
Product Dimension (in): 67.9 x 44.7 x 1.4 inches
Open Circuit Voltage (V): 37.07±5% V
Weight: 36.9lbs
Max Power Voltage Vmp (V): 31.01±5% V
Application Class: Class A
Max Power Current Imp (A): 12.90±5% A
Max Static Load (Front): 2400Pa
Short Circuit Current Isc (A): 13.79±5% A
Max Static Load (back): 2400Pa
Solar Cells Efficiency: 23%±5%
Series Fuse Rating: 25A


1. How much power can a 400W solar panel produce on average?

The power generation of solar panels is related to geographical location, climate, debris and shade, panel angle, and orientation. You can use the following calculation to determine how much electricity your solar panel can produce in a day:
Rated Power of Solar Panel (W) x Average Peak Sun Hours (H) = Daily Power (Wh)
Assuming you live in a place with an average peak sun hours of 5 hours, and the rated power of the solar panel is 400 watts. Calculating according to the above formula, the daily output of the solar panel is 2kWh.

2. What can a 400W solar panel run?

Most devices and small appliances can be powered by a single 400-watt solar panel. You can use our 10BB 400 watt solar panel on laptops, smartphones, televisions, blenders, lights, fridges, etc.

3. How fast will a 400W solar panel charge a 12-volt battery?

First of all, you need to know the capacity of the battery, assuming that the battery capacity is 100Ah, then the energy required for a full charge is:
100Ah × 12V = 1200Wh
As for the 400-watt solar panel, then the time required for a full charge is:
1200Wh ÷ 400W = 3 hours
Therefore, it takes 3 hours to charge a 100Ah 12V battery. Taking into account factors such as light intensity and temperature, the actual charging time will increase.

4. How many kw does a 400W solar panel produce?

You can calculate how many kWh a 400W solar panel can produce by the following formula:
W × H= Wh
Under the condition that the peak sun hours are 5, then a 400 watt solar panel can produce 2kWh.


10 Year limited warranty


BougeRV 400w12V Solar Panel User Manual


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