BougeRV 286Wh Flash300 600W Portable Power Station


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Lightning-fast charging

BougeRV's Flash 300 Fast Charging Portable Power Station boasts the world's fastest charging time, taking you from 0% to 90% in under 30 minutes. It's the perfect solution for those needing a reliable and speedy power source during emergencies.

Multi-device functionality

With the ability to power up to 10 devices simultaneously, the Flash300 Portable Power Station is an all-in-one solution for all your power needs. Its 286 watt-hour capacity also makes it powerful enough to run basic devices for hours and small appliances in your home.

Solar Powered efficiency

The Flash300 Fast Charging Portable Power Station comes equipped with a built-in MPPT controller that supports up to 600W of solar input, a 12-45V voltage range, and a 25A maximum input current. This allows you to combine it with other BougeRV solar panels to create a highly efficient solar generator for your home.

Smart LED Display

The easy-to-read LED display allows you to track the remaining charge/discharge time, battery capacity, and error messages with ease. The display is visible in bright light and easy to read in the dark, providing you with a clear understanding of your energy storage situation.


This wireless portable charger boasts a 15W Max fast wireless charging capability, eliminating the need for cables. Simply place your device in the center and press the USB button to charge. 



The Flash300 Portable Power Station supports both PD 100W input and output. With PD input, it can be fully charged in just 3 hours, while the PD output provides 10 times faster charging speed than conventional chargers.


The ergonomic and durable three-grip design provides you with greater control and flexibility when handling the Flash300 power station.



The integrated AC charging cable allows for charging at 600W without the need for a bulky power adapter.


Product Type: Portable power station
Capacity: 286Wh (12.9Ah)
AC Input: 100-115V, 600W Max
Solar Input: 12-45V, 25A, 600W Max
USB-C Input: 20V/5A, 100W Max
AC Output: 2 x 110V, 50Hz/60Hz, 600W
USB-A QC3.0 Output: 1 x 5V/3A, 15W; 9V/2A, 18W
USB-A Output: 2 x 5V/2.4A, 12W
USB-C PD3.0 Output: 1 x 5 /9 /12 /15 /20V, 5A, 100W Max
Cigarette & DC5521 Output: 1x Cigarette Port, 2 x DC5521, 135W Max Total
Wireless Charge: 5V/3A, 15W Max
Cell Chemistry: Li(NiCoMn)O2
Cycle Life: 700+ Cycles to 80% Capacity
Product Dimensions: 27*18*19 inches
Capacity: 286WH


1. What devices can be powered by the Flash 300 600W Portable Power Station?

Please note that the AC output port can only charge/power devices that operate at less than a total of 600 watts.

2. Can the Flash 300 600w Portable Power Station be charged while in use?

Yes, the Flash 300 supports pass-through charging. However, we do not recommend doing so as it can damage the battery life of your power station.

3. Does the Flash 300 600W Portable Power Station have a built-in MPPT controller?

Yes, the Flash 300 fast charging power station comes with a built-in MPPT controller.

4. How do I choose a solar panel and what is the charge time?

Portable Solar Pros offers BougeRV Solar Panels on our store, click here to see the options that would best fit for you. *The charge time depends on the input power of the solar panel, which can vary depending on factors such as temperature, angle, and weather conditions.

5. Why does the remaining usage time displayed on the Flash 300 600W Portable Power Station not match the actual usage time?

The power consumption of appliances can fluctuate, which can cause a deviation between the actual usage time and the display screen. This is a normal phenomenon that is accounted for in the software algorithm.


1 Year


BougeRV 286Wh Flash300 600W Portable Power Station User Manual


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